Resume Writing

                                        Resume Writing

This course offers a step-by-step creation of the key sections of your resume and helps you structure
the resume in such a way that it grabs attention from the recruiters. 

Course outcome
After completing the Resume writing training program, the candidate will be able to write a
professional resume that highlights their skills and competencies specific to their career field. It
helps the candidates determine the most undermined do’s and don’ts while designing the resume. It
will aid in maximizing their visibility on the job portals.

Course structure

Initial Phase
 Powerful career Objective
 Understanding the value you Bring to the table
 Tailoring Your Resume with Keywords

Selling yourself through your Resume
 A Reader-Friendly Format That Grabs Attention
 Key Strengths That Demonstrate Your Value
 Choosing the Correct Format for Your Resume
 Professional Summary Layout
 Adding Your Professional Affiliations
 Summarizing – Creating A Dynamic Flow & Process

Key Components

  •  Strong Accomplishment Statements
  •  Using the Resume Skills Tier method
  •  Finding the Right Words
  •  Using the Resume Dictionary

Who should enroll for this course

  •  Students
  •  Job seekers
  •  Promotion seekers
  •  Professionals