About SkillZip

The inception of SKILLZIP was on the ideology to create a self paced e-learning platform with standardized courses which are accessible across geographies and strata ensuring equal learning opportunities.
The courses are designed in a modular form which makes it easier and flexible to read. To facilitate learning on the Go – we have audio courses. To ensure everyone can keep learning – we have courses in regional languages as well.
Self-Learning can be monotonous, and at times students struggle to complete the course. To keep them motivated, the platform moves away from text only approach – by making it attractive using variety of visual tools.
SKILLZIP through this platform also wants to inculcate the culture of continuous learning ensuring that the gap between skills demanded and skills available can be minimized. Different research shows that career readiness is a critical problem faced by employers worldwide. With an effort to make first timers ready to work, SKILLZIP courses are designed and developed by renowned practitioners, who are experts in their respective fields.
  • Increase scope of  employability
  • Improve  skill set
  • Provide  opportunity for specialisation
  • Help in career progression
  • Broad base  knowledge
While we bridge the gap between theory and practice for Learners proves to be relevant for Students professionals who deal with related issues on a day-to-day basis, and the common man who wishes to become aware of their rights and duties. Thus, learners can be:
  • Students and fresh graduates: ‘getting ready to work’ by gaining practical and professional skills
  • Practitioners: for progressive learning and to enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Non professionals: to understand Skills related to the profession of their interest.
  • Common Man: to educate themselves about their rights and duties and specific “how to” procedures
It often happens that without a strong knowledge base, experience slips through cracks. Most programs in the country arm students with a degree; sans practical knowledge.
graduate programs in the country focus on general Skills ; while to succeed in actual practice, specialization is what sets you apart from the herd. As the age old adage goes, there is no point being the jack-of-all-trades and master of none.
Enroll with us and make learning a habit for life; stay relevant and meaningful; learn at your own pace.

Structure of our courses is based on the fundamentals of:
  • Why students need to enhance and expand their knowledge?
  • What helps students retain knowledge?
  • What is the best and simplest way to teach complex ideas?
  • How can we assess what students have learned?
  • What is best taught in person versus online?
Our course development team takes great care and pains to plan courses depending on requirements of the target audience- as per their skill and experience level. We understand that Specific Skills are very demanding in each profession; and therefore with Skills, we endeavor to offer versatility and flexibility in terms of content, time and learning methodology.

  • Shift focus from theory and give you a glimpse of practical life
  • Take learning beyond what has been taught in your classroom
  • Provide the easiest way to enhance your legal knowledge and skills
  • Guide you through basic procedural areas of basic and advanced Skills that cannot be learnt from books
  • Provide our knowledge, as a gift for ALL.