Basics of Marketing

                                    Basics of Marketing

The marketing program has been designed to prepare students who are interested in pursuing
career in marketing or want to upgrade their skills in the field of marketing. Students will learn
the concepts of marketing functions in a management setting.

Course outcome

  •  Understand complex marketing issues and problems using various relevant theories,concepts and tools.
  •  Apply the knowledge and concepts learnt during the course to interpret marketing related challenges in a   growing international and global context.
 Course Structure
Module 1 – Basics of Marketing
Module 2 – Planning Strategically for Marketing
Module 3 – Aspects of Marketing Research
Module 4 – Market Segmentation Strategies
Module 5 – Marketing Tactics for Business
Module 6 – Marketing Implementation
Module 7 – Developing & Evaluating a Marketing Plan

Module 8 – Presentation Skills

Who should enroll for this course
 Students
 Job seekers
 Promotion seekers
 Professionals