POSH Policies and Procedures

POSH policies and procedures, which is mandatory requirement, under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act 2013.

In India, every company/organization having more than 5 employees is mandated by law to conduct yearly training and awareness sessions to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace. This course is well suited for the management/employers and employees of such corporate/organizations to comprehend workplace sexual harassment, the law relating to it, their own roles and duties as well as the complaint process. There is a prevalent difficulty in identifying and classifying ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ workplace behaviour since it depends on multiple factors, from workplace culture to the cultural settings to which the co-workers belong. Hence, this course also contains dedicated modules on empowering women and sensitizing men about their conduct so as to ensure a holistic environment at the workplace. The course is developed by seasoned legal professionals, who not only uses role plays and case studies to explain the nuances of the subject in a simple yet effective manner. but it enables employers to effectively manage grievances related to sexual harassment and taking preventive measures for maintaining a healthy workplace environment.

Maternity Leave and Benefits Act in India

This course covers the foundation and principles of Maternity Benefits Act, 1961, its constitutional base and history, various sections therein, dealing with different facts of maternity leaves, circumstances and conditions that may pose as obstacles to realising those rights, actions that need to be taken when such rights are violated. The course is especially beneficial for women in workplace as it provides in-depth knowledge of laws applicable to exercise inherent rights such that action can be taken in case there are instances of violation by employers.