Program Benefits

Learning Outcomes

We intend to meet the emerging demands of Skillful professionals and prepare the participants for a successful career in Skill based courses, for various industries.

The programs help to facilitate independent knowledge enhancement in Non-Tech IT domains & also enable to pursue careers employing Law/Legal in a diverse range of academic disciplines & get project work published.

One can apply for exposure in Art & Culture and expand the application areas in their respective fields.

Programs emphasize strong technical, scientific writing skills to the trainees, thus creating professionals, well grounded in the principles of scientific and technical documentation also.

Salient Features

Skillzip provides one of the strongest e-Learning platforms to support our participants under web-portal activities on LMS through continuous interaction with faculty and other participants.

Participants on e-Learning portal are benefitted by our following features:

  • Online course material and learning
  • 24x7 online student support
  • Online guidance and tutoring

Our Methodologies

  • Calendar: Keep on track regarding the upcoming chat sessions and due date of assignment.
  • Chat Sessions: Instructors hold chat sessions with the class for discussions regarding course material/assignments.
  • Email: Instructors use email to communicate for relevant information and important administrative circulars with the class. Participants email to obtain one-to-one help from instructor for queries regarding material/assignment.
  • Discussion Forums: Discussion Forums are an excellent way for to interact with your class and share your thoughts and ideas. In order to stimulate the sharing of ideas between students, you are encouraged to post items to the discussion board during the program.
  • Quizzes: To guide the performance of the students during the course of the program, regular quizzes are added. Creating a little mini-test for each reading assignment encourages students to do the reading so they can do well on the quiz.
  • Course Glossaries: Glossary provides a list of definitions related to the program, like a dictionary. This will facilitate quick reference to any term related to the program.


Participant’s Role:

  • Submission of complete application form and necessary program fee
  • Submission of Mid Term Assignments, Final Online Exam & Project Report to Skillzip
  • Program Completion

Skillzip’s Role:

  • Dispatch of Support Material and Confirmation Letter to participants.
  • Guidance & support
  • Evaluation of all submissions
  • Award of Statement of Marks
  • Award of Certificate