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Nursing Employability Excellence Program (NEEP)

A comprehensive approach for developing effective leadership skills and advancing your career.


A program that will help to fill gaps of un-employability in nursing profession. In this program we will groom nurses to build up their communication skills and provide job opportunities.

NEEP Approach:



Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) for diagnosing the level of the Language capability as per Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 



Counselling session cum live speaking assessment for analysis of  speaking and listening skills.



Based on the CEFR level and Speaking assessment, a customized course will be provided to polish the particular skills.


Cambridge English Placement Test

Take the CEPT assessment to analyze your Language skill capabilities.


Nursing is considered as a noble profession, yet, they are not getting the deserved recognition. But why is this a case? Why are skilled nurses not confident enough to explore the domain? They are probably not groomed to walk side by side with recognized doctors of the reputed hospitals.

Unfortunately, nursing students and professionals, lack nurse communication skills, which hinders their career in Nursing. Nurses must act like educators while dealing with patients and be tolerant and calm. Now, for sharing accurate information, they must correctly interpret the medical terminologies used by the physicians. Hence, miscommunication causes disastrous outcomes for the career of nursing.

Solution: Grow Via NEEP

As a Nursing student, you should gain the skills to sustain yourself in the Nursing career  pathways beforehand. Hence, we at CELNET have designed a program that exclusively targets and improves your nurse communication skills. We are focused on the overall nurses' growth. The four language pillars, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, will make you a desirable eligible candidate for career opportunities in the Nursing profession.

NEEP is the specialized program that will upskill and uplift you as per the health industry's needs and standards. From the communication in ICUs to efficiently understanding each terminology, we plan to teach it all that is needed for a career in Nursing. NEEP is the program suited for individuals pursuing Nursing at any level. So, if you wish to excel in your endeavors, enroll now!

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Overview of the course

The Nursing Employability Excellence Program (NEEP) is more than just a course; it's a comprehensive approach for developing effective leadership skills and advancing your career. This innovative nursing course integrates course teaching with validated evaluation methods. It helps learners to make consistent and traceable progress by combining a unique blend of engaging classroom materials and reliable evaluation with tailored online practice.

Objectives of the course


  • Make nursing students ready for OET exam
  • Job ready for foreign countries
  • Linguistic skills enhancement for practicing in an English speaking environment.
  • Grooming quality nurses for high profile Healthcare sectors
  • Enhance the knowledge, confidence, and overall performance of nurses


  • Encourage teamwork qualities
  • Learning basic roles & responsibilities of a nurse
  • Medical records preparation
  • Documentation of information obtained
  • Protocols for evaluating and treating patients
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Legal and ethical issues to be handled by nurses.

Key Features:

To groom quality nurses
Enhance the knowledge, confidence and performance of nurses
Encourage teamwork and communication
Medical records preparation
Documentation of information obtained
Protocols for evaluating and treating patients
Data collection and reporting
Legal and ethical issues

Here’s what you’ll get when you Enroll

We aim to fill the gap between learning and employment by providing you a professional training through NEEP Program which will directly connect you with different healthcare sectors like hospitals, industries, healthcare-based companies, institutes etc.

Polishing of basic communication skills
Preparation of interview with mock sessions
Group discussion handling, etiquettes
Get equipped for effectual interactions at the workplace


Any Enthusiastic student Pursuing diploma/ Graduation/ Postgraduate in nursing.


6 Months


Starting from 

INR 2000/ month

Course Composition:

Basic Nursing & Terminology


Nursing Language Proficiency


Departmental Scenario based learning


Basic IT


Do you want to polish your skills?

What’s in The Course?


Module 1: Basic Nursing


Module 2: Nursing Wards


Module 3: Medical Department


Module 4: Nursing Daily Routines & Tasks


Module 5: Nursing General Communications


Module 6: Computers Knowledge

Nursing and Midwifery Council 

UK 2021

There are a few countries, notably India and the Philippines, where what has been termed a “train for export” model exists. In India, rapid growth in the education sector has led to a marked increase in output of nurses from domestic training.

Need of the hour...

The worldwide scarcity of nurses become envisioned at 5.9 million nurses.

Essentially 89% of these deficiencies were gathered in low center pay nations.

There is huge variation in the relative size of new supply of nurses from domestic training, across the high- income countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

There is a developing strategy accentuation on the capability of gov-to-gov respective arrangements to "manage" worldwide recruitment of nurses.

Why Choose NEEP:

Focused Program:

Nursing Employability Excellence Program (NEEP) is a program that is designed entirely for nurses. A miscommunication through a nurse can lead to serious consequences. Thus, We are dedicated to enhancing the nurse communication skills.

Enhanced Perspective:

Through our program, skilled nurses or students pursuing nursing will expand their horizons. We are motivated to instill confidence and self-trust in individuals that will stay with them throughout their professional and personal journey.

LSRW Training:

We are focused on the overall development of the Nurse communication skills. The four pillars, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, will make you a desirable and eligible candidate for an advanced-level job.

Placement Assistance:

If you think that our guidance is limited to the program, you are entirely wrong. We  will assist you in landing a job at your dream hospital and strengthening your career in Nursing. You will become job-ready through our mock interviews and collection of the most asked interview questions.

Step-by-Step Learning:

We have developed the program by dividing it into 4 different levels. You will be put on a different level according to your proficiency in the subject. The levels start with A1 and then ascend through A2, B1, and B2.

Cambridge University’s Press Association:

We have launched the program with the worldly recognized Cambridge University Press association. The entire program will be delivered under the supervision of the university’s pedagogy.

Valuable Discussion Sessions:

We regularly arrange candidates’ meetings with their mentors for quality discussion. Through such sessions, candidates can get broad exposure by interacting and comprehending each other’s opinions.

Regular Assessments:

Our team believes in testing students’ abilities regularly to let them realize their progress. That is why we follow a path of regular assessments. The weekly assessments will give them enough time to cope with the program ahead.

Experienced Mentor:

Guidance from the mentor who has years of experience as a communication coach can   change the lives of all the candidates. Also, our mentor is OET (The English language test for healthcare professionals) qualified.

Recognized Organization:

CELNET is an organization recognized for delivering different quality programs over the years. We have upgraded the profiles of thousands of individuals.

Content Access:

You will have content access throughout the program. Even at the final phase, you can refer to the content taught in the very first class. We upload all the recorded live videos on Learning Management System (LMS). The minutest detail related to the program is shared through LMS.

Product Benefits

Study kit

Books related to the program will be sent to your address.

Skills Upgradation

Upskill with skills that will open great opportunities in the Nursing profession.

Adaptive Learning

The program is divided into four ascending levels, and candidates are assigned levels according to their CEFR scores.


Certificate issued by CELNET in association with Cambridge University Press.

Mark Sheet

Mark sheet will be provided to convey the growth made throughout the program.

Job Opportunities:

  • Back Office Executive (Medical Process)
  • Customer Care Executive
  • Nursing Staff
  • Medical Coder Trainee
  • Training Research Associate
  • Nursing Tutor
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nursing Coordinator
  • Medical Officer
  • Jr. Executive Medical Coding
  • Staff Nurse Executive
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Clinic Manager
  • Ward Nurse
  • School Nurse
  • Community Health Officer
  • Lab Technician


Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

What is the course schedule?

Course schedule is divided on weekly basis.

What will be the pay scale?

This will depend on the organization which hires you, as our role is to polish your skills.

Do I have to relocate for this course?

You don’t have to relocate for this course as it is an online course, you need to have a good internet connection and laptop to complete the course.

What is the passing percentage?

You have to score min. 60% for qualifying the course.

Can I go abroad after completing the course?

This course will polish your skills and will surely give your resume and career a boost.

Will there be offline classes as well?

No, the course is totally online, there will be no offline classes.

What if we miss any class?

There is no issue if you miss a class, as the recorded video will be present on the e-LMS so that you can learn anytime at your own pace.

Where and when will I get placed?

You may get placed in organizations of your field only after completion of the course.

Will I get Cambridge certificate? If yes, how?

Yes, you will receive a Cambridge University Press approved certificate after course completion at your postal address within 1 week.

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