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The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Laws program is designed to impart crucial legal knowledge and skills necessary for protecting and managing intellectual property in the competitive global market.

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The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Laws program is designed to impart crucial legal knowledge and skills necessary for protecting and managing intellectual property in the competitive global market. This comprehensive course covers patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs, focusing on navigating and enforcing rights to secure innovations, brands, and creative works. Geared towards professionals from various fields including law, business, and academia, the program offers modules, workshops, and seminars that enhance understanding and practical application, preparing participants to play a pivotal role in the innovation lifecycle from conception to commercialization.


The aim of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Laws program is to equip participants with the necessary legal knowledge and skills to protect and manage intellectual property (IP) effectively in a global marketplace. The course focuses on various forms of IP including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs, teaching participants how to navigate and enforce rights to safeguard innovations, brands, and creative works. This comprehensive understanding prepares participants to contribute to the innovation lifecycle from conception to commercialization.


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Program Objectives

  • Understand the principles and frameworks of intellectual property laws globally.
  • Develop skills to analyze, interpret, and apply IP laws to protect intellectual assets.
  • Enhance capabilities in strategic IP management and commercialization.
  • Foster ethical practices in IP creation, protection, and enforcement.
  • Build professional skills in IP negotiations and conflict resolution.
  • Prepare participants for leadership roles in IP-intensive industries.

Program Structure

Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights

Section 1: Basics of Intellectual Property

  • Introduction to IP and its importance in modern business.
  • Detailed discussion on the various types of IP.

Section 2: Copyright Fundamentals

  • In-depth look at copyrights, including scope, duration, and enforcement.
  • Case studies on copyright infringement and fair use principles.

Section 3: Understanding Patents

  • Explanation of patents, including the application process and patent types.
  • Challenges in patent enforcement and strategies for protection.

Section 4: Trademarks and Trade Secrets

  • Detailed exploration of trademarks, their registration, and strategic importance.
  • Overview of trade secrets and best practices for maintaining confidentiality.

Module 2: Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

Section 1: National IP Enforcement Frameworks

  • Overview of IP enforcement at the national level, including key legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms.
  • Comparative analysis of IP laws across major global jurisdictions.

Section 2: Global IP Enforcement

  • Examination of international IP treaties and agreements.
  • Discussion on the challenges of IP enforcement in a globalized economy.

Section 3: Digital IP Challenges

  • Addressing IP issues unique to the digital environment, including digital piracy and copyright enforcement on social media platforms.

Section 4: Combating Counterfeiting

  • Strategies and technologies for anti-counterfeiting, including case studies on successful interventions.

Module 3: Strategic IP Management

Section 1: IP as a Business Asset

  • Strategies for leveraging IP for business growth and sustainability.
  • Case studies on successful IP asset management within companies.

Section 2: IP Valuation and Portfolio Management

  • Techniques for valuing IP assets and managing an IP portfolio effectively.
  • Discussion on the strategic considerations for IP accumulation and exploitation.

Section 3: Licensing and Monetization

  • Detailed examination of IP licensing agreements and negotiations.
  • Strategies for monetizing IP through various licensing models.

Section 4: IP in Corporate Transactions

  • Role of IP in mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate structures.
  • Best practices for IP due diligence and integration post-transaction.

Module 4: Advanced Topics in IP Management

Section 1: Future Challenges in IP Law

  • Exploration of emerging issues in IP law, including the impact of new technologies like AI and blockchain on IP management.

Section 2: International Case Studies

  • Analysis of landmark international IP cases and their implications for global IP strategies.

Section 3: IP and Public Policy

  • Discussion on the intersection of IP rights and public policy, including IP’s impact on public health, technology transfer, and economic development.

Section 4: Ethical Considerations in IP

  • Consideration of ethical issues in IP practices, including patenting in life sciences and the balance between IP rights and public access.

Module 5: Conclusion and Assessment

  • Final Examination and Project Submission
  • A comprehensive review and assessment of all the topics covered, culminating in a final exam and a detailed project submission analyzing a strategic use of IP in a real-world scenario.

Participant’s Eligibility

  • Lawyers and legal practitioners specializing in IP law.
  • Business executives and managers in industries reliant on intellectual property.
  • Innovators, inventors, and creators looking to protect their intellectual creations.
  • IP regulators and policy makers.
  • Marketing and brand managers.
  • Academic researchers and educators in law, business, or creative fields.
  • Graduate and postgraduate students in law, business, or any field involving creative intellectual endeavor.

Program Outcomes

  • Strong grasp of international and domestic IP laws.
  • Ability to effectively manage IP portfolios.
  • Skills in negotiating and drafting IP agreements.
  • Proficiency in advising on IP infringement and defense strategies.
  • Enhanced understanding of the intersection between IP and business strategies.
  • Development of critical and analytical thinking in IP protection.

Fee Structure

Standard Fee: INR 4,998        USD 198

Discounted Fee: INR 2499        USD 99   




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Program Assessment

Certification to this program will be based on the evaluation of following assignment (s)/ examinations:

Exam Weightage
Mid Term Assignments 20 %
Final Online Exam 30 %
Project Report Submission (Includes Mandatory Paper Publication) 50 %

To study the printed/online course material, submit and clear, the mid term assignments, project work/research study (in completion of project work/research study, a final report must be submitted) and the online examination, you are allotted a 1-month period. You will be awarded a certificate, only after successful completion/ and clearance of all the aforesaid assignment(s) and examinations.

Program Deliverables

  • Access to e-LMS
  • Real Time Project for Dissertation
  • Project Guidance
  • Paper Publication Opportunity
  • Self Assessment
  • Final Examination
  • e-Certification
  • e-Marksheet

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Job Opportunities

  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Patent Agent
  • Trademark Attorney
  • IP Rights Manager
  • Corporate IP Strategist
  • Legal Advisor for Creative Industries
  • IP Consultant
  • Academic in IP Law
  • IP Policy Analyst
  • Licensing Executive

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