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The proficiency in Healthcare programme consists of several courses along with a project. Following that, you can apply for all latest jobs in the healthcare sector before completion of your degree.

Between 2016 and 2026, the demand for qualified healthcare administrators is expected to increase by 17%. 

Learners will be introduced to management and leadership frameworks, theories, and case studies related to healthcare organizations as part of the Healthcare programme. It will also equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the complexities of healthcare systems and to lead in the public health sector.

Build the Best and Focused Career with Employability Excellence Program

The perfect program for students who wish to convert their skills into earnings!

Program Summary


To create awareness among students for career development and make them skilled for upcoming jobs. 

Program Type:

Interactive online sessions


Healthcare Employment Excellence Programs are very unique program designed for the final year students of  Graduation as well as Post Graduation, who are looking forward to employment in various areas of Healthcare sector. This program is specifically designed to give them very unique scenario-related learning.

Key Features

Flexible Deadline

Shareable Certificate

Duration: 100- 104 Hours

100% Online


Bringing An Innovation To Smart Training Methodology

An ideal solution and a hybrid training methodology, consisting of LMS (Learning Management System i.e. e-Learning) & Interaction with subject experts, facilitating an effective delivery of the program material without compromising on the working hours.

This new course for students combines course pedagogy with validated assessment. It empowers unique mix of engaging classroom materials and reliable assessment, with personalized online practice, enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress.

The key features of the training

  • Get the best of all learning from expert mentors.
  • Customized training to suit your needs.
  • Access to the best of training course material & methodology.
  • Day-to-day performance tracking of trainees.
  • Certification at the end of the program.
  • “The Best Way To predict the future is to create it ”

    - Abraham Lincoln

    Various Job Opportunities in Healthcare Sectors

    Back Office Executive

    (Medical Process)

    Customer Care Executive
    Nursing Staff
    Medical Coder Trainee

    Training Research Associate

    Nursing Tutor
    Nursing Assistant
    Nursing Coordinator

    Medical Officer

    Jr. Executive Medical Coding
    Staff Nurse Executive
    Nursing Supervisor

    Clinic Manager

    Med. Lab Technician
    School Nurse
    Community Health Officer
    and Many more......

    Program Framework

    A complete solution for effective leadership skills and successful career. This new course for final year students combines course pedagogy with validated assessment. It empowers unique mix of engaging classroom materials and reliable assessment, with personalized online practice, enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress.


    Effective Communication & Resume Building in Specific Healthcare sector.

    Key features: 

    Consonant Sounds, Vowel Sounds, Nouns, Indefinite Articles, The Definite Article, Adjectives, The Present Tense, The Past Tense, The Future Tense, Prepositions, Asking Questions, Subject-Verb Agreement, Making Comparisons, Common Errors, Writing a Résumé, The Cover Letter, Workshop on Résumé and Cover Letter Writing.


    Interaction with People & Work Skills in Specific Areas of Healthcare.

    Key features: 

    Getting Your Etiquette Right, Grooming, Body Language, Being Confident and Assertive, Work Skills, Sending the Right Message, Delivering and Accepting Feedback, Conducting Meetings, Writing Effective e-Mails and e-Mail Etiquette.


    Group Discussion & Workshops Relevant to Specific Healthcare Sector

    Key features:

    Group Discussion, Form of a Group Discussion, Advanced GD Techniques, Open Group Discussion Case I, Open Group Discussion Case II, Closed Group Discussion Case I, Closed Group Discussion Case II, Group Discussion Workshop I, Group Discussion Workshop II


    Interview Skills from Basics to Advance For 100% Job Assurance

    Key features:

    Before the Interview, Introducing Yourself, Talking about Career Goals, Talking about the Company, Listening and Answering, Technical Questions, Interview Case I, Interview Case II, Interview Skills Workshop, Interview Skills Workshop II, Handling Tricky Questions, Asking Questions in an Interview, Negotiating Salary, After the Interview, Stress Interview Case I, Stress Interview Case II, Behavioural Simulation Interview Case I, Behavioural Simulation Interview Case II, Telephone and Video Interviews, Workshop on Telephone and Video Interviews, Interview Skills Workshop I, Interview Skills Workshop II, Interview Skills Workshop III, Interview Skills Workshop IV, Tips to Remember

    Get Ahead with Healthcare Employability Excellence Program with Certification

    • Earn your Certificate
    • Differentiate Yourself with Skillzip Certification

    • Share Your Achievement


    To be able to cover, even in some depth, this vast area in so short, a time-period would be an exercise in futility. We do, however, aim to arouse the interest of the participant, and also cover the growing requirements of soft skills in the world today and tomorrow.


    Key Take away of Program
    • Polishing of basic communication skills.
    • Preparation of interview with mock sessions
    • Navigate through stressful interview situations with ease
    • Group discussion handling & amp, etiquettes.
    • Get equipped with soft skills for effectual interactions at the workplace

    Our main benefits


    Focused Courses

    For the budding engineers and professionals it is very important to know and understand the latest that when they join the industry they are capable of giving back to the industry what they have learned and gained during their academic pursuits


    Industry & Skill Orientation 

    With an attention on the changing patterns of different ventures, we have come up an assortment of skill enhancing courses to empower the youth and professionals to upgrade themselves as per the changing necessities of the industries.


    Well Researched Modules

    Our content developers undergo a rigorous tutorial review and approved procedures. Courses on our platform are created by the professors and scientists of research institutes.

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    Medical Programs

    Get yourself ready for the all future job is the medical sector to boost your career.

    Certificate Programs

    Find a program that fits your profile and accelerate your career.

    Nursing Programs

    Skillzip provides a variety of courses that can expose you to areas of medical research, relevant to nursing.

    New-Tech Programs

    Gain ability to excel in the most recent skill oriented industrial areas.

    The Feature Highlights

    Understanding the day-to-day operations of healthcare institutions of all sizes may help you make a difference. Medical and health services administrators give the assistance doctors and other healthcare practitioners require, whether it's sorting out new reimbursement requirements, managing new technological competence, or managing long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.

    Advanced degree and certification choices from Skillzip and partners give students with the opportunity to break into this fascinating area as healthcare administration professionals that provide the skills that healthcare facilities of all sorts require to succeed.

    Expert Instruction

    8 graduate-level courses

    Self-paced/ Mentorship Based

    Progress at your own speed

    2-3 months

    5 - 10 hours per week

    best offer

    Through this course you'll develop a solid foundation for building a strong career.


    Skillzip provides the courses for you, whether you want to further your job, acquire a degree, or study something for personal purposes.

    What Makes Us Different ?

    Learners will look at a number of evidence-based techniques for advocating for patients, families, communities, and healthcare institutions.

    Learners will also establish a fundamental understanding of the significance of information technology in the healthcare industry, becoming familiar with information systems that are meant to prevent data loss, provide consistent treatment, and provide research answers. The Healthcare Administration programme will prepare students for entry-level careers as well as executive positions in the healthcare industry.


    With university-backed credit programmes and certified credentials, you can further raise your profession.


    On your own time, study and demonstrate your expertise.


    Before you pay for a course, give it a go.


    Made under the guidance and support of top notch experts

    Our Current Top Deals

    Courses are developed in collaboration with experts in the field. Students can learn about hospital administration and other facets of the healthcare profession to better understand what it takes to support healthcare providers.


    • Self paced
    • Job assistance
    • Immediate start
    • Access to all modules
    • Award of certification
    • Award of mark-sheet 

  • Mentorship Guidance*
  • Interaction with experts*
  • Free entry in conferences*
  • Soft skill training*
  • Job assurance
  • Immediate start
  • Access to all modules
  • Award of certification
  • Award of mark-sheet  
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    Are these an MCI-approved courses?

    Courses delivered through an online or hybrid learning environment are not recognised by the Medical Council of India.

    Why is this course beneficial to students pursuing a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in healthcare?

    Yes, health-care degree students and other medicare students will profit greatly from this curriculum. While participating in these programmes, you will gain vital skills and information for your last year of study, also giving you a significant advantage when starting your job.

    Can I declare myself a specialist after completing the Skillzip programme? 

    No. The goal of this course is to be a type of ongoing professional development that will strengthen your clinical expertise on any given programme and make you better primary care providers. It is not a substitute for formal medical education and specialty.

    Is it possible to work in private/govt. healthcare sector while pursuing these programmes or qualifications? 

    After completing the programme, you are free to apply anywhere you like. You will be a better health care provider as a result of this additional qualification. Government job selection is mostly based on predetermined criteria over which skillzip or any other institution has little influence or opinion.

    How can I get online access to the course materials, and do you also supply study materials in print copy? 

    You will be given a unique username and password login information to once you have completed the enrolling process. If you have not gotten the same within three working days after admission, please call us at +91 9958161117 or email us at [email protected]

    What will the evaluations entail? 

    All of the tests are online and consist of multiple-choice questions. You will also be given a final exam with a project work, which must be passed in order to be eligible for certification.

    Are these courses open to international students who are not Indian citizens?

    Yes. All students throughout the world can benefit from the course and its material. Before registering, international students should contact the student assistance team at [email protected] or call +91 9958161117.

    Is there anything I need to know before I enroll in this course?

    Interested students must have finished their higher secondary as a minimal requirement.

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