SkillZip Badges and Micro-Credentials

SkillZip Innovator Badge

Awarded for completing foundational courses with a focus on innovation.

Criteria: Complete 5 foundational courses with a score of 80% or higher.

Unique Identifier: Includes a QR code linked to the learner's profile and course achievements.

Verification: Blockchain verification, ensuring authenticity.

SkillZip Specialist Badge

Recognizes expertise in a specific subject area, such as nursing or bio-process engineering.

Criteria: Complete 3 advanced courses and a capstone project in the chosen field.

Unique Identifier: Embedded with metadata containing course details and learner's information.

Verification: NFC chip integration for physical badges.

SkillZip Collaborative Leader Badge

Awarded to those who lead and contribute significantly to group projects.

Criteria: Lead at least one group project and receive peer endorsements.

Unique Identifier: Dynamic URL directing to a detailed project portfolio.

Verification: Digital watermarking to embed hidden verification information.

SkillZip Tech Pro Badge

For demonstrating high proficiency in using advanced technology tools.

Criteria: Complete technology-specific courses and practical assessments.

Unique Identifier: Unique QR code linking to a digital certificate.

Verification: Blockchain-backed verification for authenticity.

SkillZip Lifelong Learner Badge

Recognizes continuous learning and commitment to professional development.

Criteria: Continuous course completion across multiple disciplines, with at least one course per quarter.

Unique Identifier: Personalized badge with QR code.

Verification: Metadata embedded with the learner's achievement history.