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Programme Coordinator

The role of the Programme Coordinator is to specifically assist the student with the administrative requirements during admissions throughout his/her time at SkillZip. The Programme Coordinator assists the student from the process of applying for the course to conducting the Entrance Test, Discussion Round & Personal Interview to Registration Formalities & finally fee payment process either one time or in installments.




The uniqueness of the on board faculty lies in the fact that not only are they leading trainers but also well-known industry professionals who are aware of the importance of student training. Our faculty, both permanent and visiting, brings a mix of theoretical knowledge and professional expertise to the sessions. They provide the student with a unique experience that ensures that practical & theoretical training merges seamlessly with the skills required at the workplace. The student develops all the necessary professional skills required at the workplace and is trained to handle real time work assignments. SkillZip faculty is friendly, accessible and responsive to the needs of the student.


Training Mentor


Every candidate who joins SkillZip is assigned an in-campus mentor. Whether there is a requirement of personal sounding board or need of academic assistance, the training mentor will support, motivate and inspire through systematic counseling and mentoring. The training mentor will also ensure that the candidate remains focused on pursuing and achieving his/her career goals. The mentor will normally make arrangements to meet the candidate either individually or in groups and will motivate candidates to develop a variety of individual professional skills through practical training and extracurricular activities.
Placement Assistance
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Elite Professional Programme (EPP)

Elite Professional Programme is a unique initiative from SkillZip that aims to train prospective job-seekers and transform them into holistic professionals. It converts raw graduates or professionals into managers and leaders by giving them a comprehensive view of a corporate setup and training them in those skills that are in high demand in the industry. The students can also earn stipends based on live projects.

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Elite EdLead Programme (EEDP)

Elite EdLead Programme (EEdP) is a unique training programme with an aim to transform untrained fresh graduates and even undergraduates into complete professionals by providing them a lot of practical learning and corporate skills training. The programme comes along with a scope to earn stipends based on live projects.

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Elite Expert Programme (EEP)

Training certification in Elite Expert Programme from SkillZip is an excellent way to gain expertise in management and leadership. This programme caters to the growing need of the industry for professionals with a comprehensive understanding of a corporate setup. We train the participants in those skills that are in high demand in the corporate world.

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Scientific & Technical Writing Programme (STW)

No matter what industry, it surely employs technical communicators. Technical communicators work in IT, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine, Environmental Studies, Electronics, Government, Media, Publishing, Aerospace Industry and just about any field in which people must interpret and use technology. They are an indispensable part of today's technological society and so the technical writing training requirement is growing fast.

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Elite Visionary Programme (EVP)

Elite Visionary Programme is a specialized training leading to placement programme ensuring employment as soon as you finish the programme. It aims to equip the participants with the skill sets employers value. It is specifically designed for visionary candidates who want to give their career the powerful edge and want to get absorbed in the corporate world. This programme comes with a unique 100% job guarantee.

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Budding Managers Programme (BMP)

This programme is for all those people who are either presently working at a managerial level or who aspire to become future managers.


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