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Stress Management Training

Keeping in view the demand at work and home, stress among employees is a common problem. As a result organizations are facing the problems of decreased productivity, poor quality of work and customer care, low motivation and employee morale. This explains the need of training employees on managing stress at work.
SkillZip trainings help the participants:
  • Identify their stressors and reactions to them
  • Identify Techniques on dealing with stress
  • Inculcate Problem Solving skills
  • Balance professional and personal time
  • Set priorities
  • Delegate authority
  • Improve relationships
  • ‘Be positive’ attitude
  • Learn coping strategies
    • Talking
    • Writing
    • Counseling
  • Learn Individual stress relieving techniques
    • Exercise
    • Meditation/Yoga
    • Stress diet
    • Behavior Modification
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